Due to our current situation, this blog has been and will continue to be on hiatus. I apologize for any inconvenience and do plan to write more about mental health, especially given the new way of life for us all.

My passion continues to be advocating for wildlife and teaching young minds to love and respect all forms of life.

However right now, many other areas of my life are taking the front seat, so to speak, and any past wildlife interviews -with Wildcat Sanctuary and Bill Lea, as well as my other passions, are on hold.

I hope everyone is staying safe. Times have been challenging and I find my “itty bitty poopy me” as I tell my students, is having a grand ‘ole time wreaking havoc on my mind.

Take a walk in nature, take an on-line yoga class (visit my adult yoga page and learn about classes geared to our various chakras), read a book, clean your house and throw those old shoes you haven’t worn in over 5 years!

Take Care everyone!

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