Each and every class includes an aspect of nature and wildlife literacy. Mother Nature’s Heroes aims to instill the appreciation and respect of all life, human and non-human and to teach how we are all connected.


In every program there is an element of Mother Nature. Young minds and bodies will engage in balance, strength and focus activities through playful poses, music, self-expression and more!

Kid’s and Teens

Mother Nature guides and nurtures us every day. Developing young people will learn to listen with their heart and trust in their own abilities through gentle and challenging poses, confidence building activities, self-reflection and more!


We are all one, connected. Here you will learn to listen to your heart, learn to let go of negative emotions and learn to love yourself through gentle and focused poses, guided meditation, journaling and more. Click the link to learn about each Chakra and the corresponding areas of the body. Choose a specific chakra in which to focus or sign up for a variety of classes!


Coming soon!

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