May the 4th be with you!

As many of you know, yesterday was “Star Wars” day! And yes, I have become a huge fan of Star Wars. I love Yoda so much that I have a t-shirt with my favourite quote. I even had class discussions about him in my school age class several years ago!

Every morning during the summer break, we would have a meeting to discuss the plan for the day and to delegate the tasks in the classroom. Students would help set the lunch table, be in charge of organizing the book shelf, sweep the floor, etc.

And every morning one child would have the opportunity to choose a Yoda quote among those taped all over the room.

There were quotes such as:

Do or do not, there is no try“,

“(Luke):”I can’t believe it. (Yoda): That is why you fail.”,

You must unlearn what you have learned.”,

When you look at the Dark side, careful you must be. For the Dark side looks back.”

These quotes were the beginning of teaching the children about positivity, energy, the force. And what better way to relate to young people than through Star Wars? Most of the children had either seen some of one of the movies, or at the very least, heard of Yoda, or Darth Vader.

This led to teaching about word choices. There are books in the popular book stores showing how positive words have an energy signature and do affect living matter.

The children learned how to rephrase sentences to eliminate negative words from their vocabulary. They became so aware that they were listening to one another and helping their friends use positive and supportive words as well, even catching me!

And just what are some of these negative words? Keep in mind that negative is a broad term for these words, these words have a negative effect on us, how we think and/or how we feel which in turn affects how we emit energy, the force. This then leads to what we attract, be it positive or negative which affects how we feel…and so on.

Take a look at the few quotes mentioned earlier. “Do or do not…” This is perhaps my favourite quote of all time. If you are always trying to do something, you are never doing it, or succeeding. Your mind set is one of trying, not accomplishing or doing. Either do it, or not. There is no other option.

I can’t believe it.” Can’t. This is a very destructive word. “I can’t do this, I can’t be that, I can’t…” Then yes, you are right, you can’t. Your belief is your reality. Eliminate can’t and replace it with CAN. Your energy will shift, positivity will take place of the defeat or hopelessness once felt. The force will surround you. How do you feel?

When you look at the Dark side, careful you must be. For the Dark side looks back.” This quote was perhaps the most interesting to discuss. Teaching the children that looking at the negative, it looks back at you, they are actually inviting this type of thought, feeling, into their lives. Once you head down a negative path, you can easily be consumed with it.

Think about it. How often have you “tried” not to engage in gossip, or not to lash out or yell at perhaps poor drivers, or in your opinion, stupid people? You feel anger. This often sets your day, and/or mood. Then you feel irritated by almost anything. Eventually that is your day, one of racing out the door because you’re late, hitting traffic, not finding a good parking spot, someone bumping you, having a fight with a co-worker/boss/friend/spouse/child, etc. Then ruining dinner only to finally go to bed and start the cycle all over.

You are living in the dark side. And it’s not fun. I’m going to point out here, notice how “dark side” is now in lower case? Even how we write/type our words can either give something attention or not. A capital on a word gives it more power.

There are many words of which to be aware but one of my favourite words is: should. Should is a guilt inducing word. It tells you: you were wrong/you are wrong/you’re going to be wrong. Instead of saying what you shouldn’t do, say what to do. Focus on the positive, always.

When you watch how you phrase things and are aware of your word choices, and you beliefs, your energy will shift. It has to. It is the law of attraction. It is the force.

And this matters because all life matters.

We are all Mother Nature’s Heroes, all deserving of life, together.

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