Preschool Collection

A daily hop through the forest ends up in disaster when Mr. Toad accidentally hops into a Volcano! Can he escape?

When Bunny decided to go to outer space, she didn’t expect to be chased by a scary Fire Monster! Does she get away safely?

What do you do when something swallows you up? How do you escape, or can you? This is the story of the Chocolate Monster and its hunger for food!

After escaping the dreaded curse, the friends thought they were safe but they were wrong! Can they get away from the evil witch before she turns them to stone?

Each of the preschool collection’s illustrations were completed in black and white ink drawings, allowing your child to create their own colouring story, designing and creating their set in their own unique style!

Middle Grade

What happens when your home is threatened? When all life is at the mercy of an unknown? Or worse, that you’re being hunted? This is Sally’s reality and she has to act fast before time runs out and all she knows and those she loves, are lost.

Each of the 14 illustrations were sketched and coloured by Michelle Boomer. This particular illustration –Drazen the Dragon, took over 4 hours to shade and colour. These illustrations are the first Michelle has created, and are often discussed in her author visits as accomplishing that which you sent your mind to!

Drazen the Dragon


Please email Michelle using the contact form or click here: to order any of our preschool colouring collection (option to include the set of CD as seen here) or Sally the Snake -The Quest to the Beginning


  • Sally the Snake -$15.00 hardcover, $10.00 softcover
  • Mr. Toad and the Volcano -$6.00
  • Bunny and the Rocket Ship -$6.00
  • The Chocolate Monster and the Curse -$6.00
  • The Chocolate Monster and the Witch -$6.00

Preschool collection (includes all 4 titles +CD) -$26.00

*plus shipping and handling per order

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