The root chakra

The Root chakra is a spiraling vortex of energy associated with the colour red. It channels earth energy up through the feet and legs to process and stabilize it.

Smells, sounds, nature and wildlife, elements, certain foods all connect to each chakra. Eating red coloured food such as strawberries, red potatoes and red peppers can help to balance this chakra.

Body Area

The areas of the body associated with the root chakra are: legs, feet, ankles, large intestine, elimination system and our adrenal glands.


When our root chakra is balanced we feel grounded and secure. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and trust yourself.


When we have an unbalanced root chakra we tend to be workaholic’s, have addictive behaviors and are driven by a lack of self-worth. We can be hostile, avoid intimacy and be self-centered.

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The first time I did the restorative class I started to cry! I thought something was wrong but Michelle explained this is quite normal and my body was healing. Since then I have learned that the journey of yoga is so much more than poses! Thank you for being my teacher!

Anne Whitehead

I participated in Michelle’s half hour energizing class and I have to say…I was moving! Yoga is so much more than standing and holding poses. There’s a program for every body. The energizing program had me cleaning my baseboards when I got home, I had so much energy!!! Can’t wait for live classes again! See you on-line!

Hannah Lowden

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