(Wil) said that he loves seeing Turkey vultures because you taught him so much about them and then he sighed and said, “I really miss Miss Michelle.” I know you had an incredible impact on Wil. –Heather Bell Freill

Lachlan decided to do “Mrs. Michelle’s yoga” before school today. It was so awesome to watch, then Everleigh joined in with him. You had a big impact on him! Most of the things he remembers are from your teachings!Sarah Kerr

My son comes home every day with new things to teach me about Mother Nature and endangered animals around us. Michelle’s enthusiasm has inspired my toddler to be one of Mother Nature’s Heroes. Aimee Edwards

(Emma) was so inspired by your storytelling, she just sat quietly for half (an) hour drawing and writing. In the end she emerged with a five page book. She said, “It’s for Michelle.” It’s called “Frog in the pool.” –Margaret Plonka

Michelle was my son’s preschool teacher. Her vast knowledge of nature and conservation was inspiring. She truly is a gentle soul and a great asset to a world in need of repair. It was a blessing having you as a teacher for Nathaniel. Wish there were more like you! –Heather Rutkowski

Through Michelle, my son was introduced to yoga and storytelling. Michelle is passionate and creative and it is wonderful that Sally the Snake is now available! Christine Wan

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