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The Perfect Home -by Michelle Whitehead

Premeditated: Well-planned and thought out. Parker didn’t know how well he liked the term. It always reminded him of the murderers whose names adorned the covers of numerous true crime biographies. And Parker Vane wasn’t a murderer. Parker Vane had no intention of committing…

Surprise -by Michelle Whitehead

originally published April 9, 2014 on Commuterlit under the name: Michelle Boomer https://commuterlit.com/ Abby left the cemetery the same way she arrived. Alone. She slipped into her 1969 black Mach 1 Mustang and tried to find a comfortable position. She slid on the leather…

Chocolate milk, nachos and guacamole -by Michelle Whitehead

originally published October 2, 2014 on Close 2 the bone http://www.close2thebone.co.uk/wp/?p=1826 Warren was pleased with himself. After months of struggling, he had finally reached the end of his journey. His latest drive into town for his reward and subsequent spur of the moment detour…

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