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The Perfect Home -by Michelle Whitehead

Premeditated: Well-planned and thought out. Parker didn’t know how well he liked the term. It always reminded him of the murderers whose names adorned the covers of numerous true crime biographies. And Parker Vane wasn’t a murderer. Parker Vane had no intention of committing… Continue Reading “The Perfect Home -by Michelle Whitehead”

MNH Family

Hello and Welcome to Mother Nature’s Heroes Family! It is the intention of this blog to provide information and entertainment in the form of articles and my other passion, writing suspense fiction. Please bear with me as I attempt to be consistent with this… Continue Reading “MNH Family”

Meditating with Children

As adults we know how beneficial it is to meditate, helping with physical, mental and emotional issues. If we had learned about meditation as children, many of us may be better able to cope with daily life. Mental health was never given attention 20… Continue Reading “Meditating with Children”

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