the crown chakra

The Sahasrara chakra is the seventh chakra and is associated with the colour violet. Here we obtain life force and connect to our destiny.

Smells, sounds, nature and wildlife, foods and the elements all connect to each chakra. Fasting is beneficial for the sahasrara chakra.

Body Area

Some areas of the body associated with the sahasrara chakra are: brain, top center of head and nervous system.


When the sahasrara chakra is balanced feel a connection between all things. We feel humility, bliss, being in but not of this world.


When the sahasrara chakra is unbalanced we abuse “lower” life forms and are close minded. We can be depressed and confused, and doubt the inspiring nature of life.

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After doing only a few poses, I felt a difference. I was able to touch my toes mid-way through the class, something I couldn’t do when the class started! Yeah for online classes, I don’t want to not be able to touch my toes!

Sam Penn

I liked the cricket sounds during our class. Felt relaxing and calming and really nice despite the snow outside! The restorative classes are very relaxing.

Sydney Welling

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