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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened

Anatole France

Diablo Guapo (1996-2015)

This black Jaguar was rescued by Wildcat Santuary in 2006 and lived the rest of his days as close to freedom as possible. He passed in December of 2015, a day I will never forget. You can view his memorial slideshow on the Wildcat Sanctuary website.

It is with permission from Wildcat Sanctuary that I use his image on my website and business cards.

Wildcat Sanctuary is a non-profit organization based out of Minnesota, U.S. They home over 100 different big cat species, often working with other organizations to help bring abused and suffering cats to a home where they can live as free as possible. They recently rescued several lions from South America. You can visit their website here:

Please be aware of “rescues” that advertise selfies with their animals. Wild animals are not pets or for human entertainment and need to be treated with respect. Please visit Wildcat Sanctuary or Big Cat Rescue’s page for articles on the importance of no human contact for purposes other than medical attention.

Wildlife Sites

Coyote Watch Canada

Coyote Watch Canada educates the public regarding our canid family, including peaceful co-existence and avoiding human wildlife conflict. Please visit their site here: for more information

Pedaling against Poaching

Jeff Harrison is the founder of Pedaling against Poaching, riding for the protection and education of Rhino’s. Please visit his site here: for more information.

Hope for Wildlife

Hope for Wildlife is based in Nova Scotia, Canada and rescues/rehabilitates and releases (when possible) wildlife. Please visit their site here: for more information


Animal Defenders International visit:

Big Cat Rescue visit:

Shark savers visit:

Polar Bears International visit:

Bear with Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Centre for Bears visit:

Bill Lea Photography visit:

*Please note these wildlife sites are a small selection of the many sites working to save all species. For more please visit my Instagram account @sally_the_snake_2016 for over 200 rescue/wildlife advocates.

The sites listed here have no affiliation to Mother Nature’s Heroes or any involved with Mother Nature’s Heroes. They are simply resources I have followed and/or contacted in order to educate the young generation on the importance of all life.


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