Mental Health

Mental health is a growing concern. Now with increased media use there is an increase in physical and mental health issues. The term “media addiction” has been used in studies and shows media a factor in mental illness, dependency, concentration issues and other attention disorders.

Benefits of Children’s yoga

Yoga research has concluded yoga improves children’s physical and mental well-being. Other research has found kid’s yoga:

  • improves mood
  • improves resilience
  • aids in coping with stress
  • assists in focus and concentration
  • improves self-regulation pertaining to stress and emotions
  • builds confidence and self-esteem

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Roy. T. Bennett

Children’s yoga

How we teach

It is our firm belief that love and compassion for others begins in Mother Nature. By fostering this love in young minds, children will grow into caring individuals leading into their adult years.

Children will participate in:

  • creating their own wildlife inspired asanas as they learn about endangered species in each class
  • non-competitive activities including leading their Elephant herd as the matriarch of the family
  • designing their own mandala as they are inspired by the sounds of nature and wildlife
  • self-expression through music and movement
  • wildlife storytelling as they practice and create their own poses to match their story

Please note classes are conducted outdoors when possible to connect with Mother Nature!

What we teach

Our children’s yoga incorporates the innocence of children and animals, teaching young minds all life is important and that means animals too!

Children will learn:

  • breathing techniques to focus the mind and be present
  • improved balance and coordination through various poses and wildlife inspired games
  • to strengthen mental clarity and stability
  • about positive energy, listening to your heart and following your instincts
  • how their thought can affect their attitude and perception of themselves and others through self-awareness
  • to express themselves and gain confidence in their beliefs and opinions

Children’s yoga classes

To schedule your children’s yoga class at your daycare/library/after school program, please use the form on our contact page or click here:

Pricing varies according to location, duration and size.

*Please note we are currently booked from Mon.-Fri. from 12:30-6:30 through to school’s end.

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