Literacy Education

Books are a uniquely portable magic

Stephen King

What we teach

What you can dream, you can create. Our classes are geared towards letting one’s creations flourish and transferring these creations to the written word. The only limits are your own imaginings!

Children will learn:
  • writing genres: fiction/non-fiction, mystery, adventure, etc. and target audience
  • how to keep the reader engaged, the hook, climax, payoff
  • first draft/second, proof-reading, editing
  • basic illustrating and how art is subjective
  • querying, agents, traditional and self-publishing, handling rejections, celebrating success
  • perseverance, pitfalls of the publishing world

How we teach

Our classes are tailored to each age group. During author readings, we incorporate tips and tricks to inspire young minds with the desire to create. During writing classes, we focus more on techniques, formatting, the art of writing itself.

Children will participate in:
  • reading their short story aloud or privately
  • impromptu storytelling as a group using mystery words/sentences pulled from a bag
  • individual attention focusing on each child’s strengths
  • sharing personal rejection letters, critiques and encouragement from agents, authors and publisher
  • one-on-one readings and suggestions
  • question and answer time
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