Kid’s/Adult Programs

What makes us unique

Years of teaching preschool and school aged children built a solid foundation of creativity, thinking outside the box, and listening to our classes wants and needs. In every class –author visits, storytelling, kid’s yoga, there is a wildlife component. Showing children the beauty in our non-human family leads to loving and compassionate individuals.

Our programs are designed specifically for each class, paying attention to:

  • environment -class setting: library, gymnasium, business, etc.
  • age -preschool to adult (our new yoga classes for adults!)
  • size -individual, daycare, school, family, etc.
  • location
  • duration -half hour to one and a half hours
  • programs
  • storytelling
  • writing/editing tips and techniques
  • wildlife education with information about rescuers and sanctuaries
  • custom designed yoga classes (hatha yoga for kids and adults)
  • restorative yoga (hatha yoga for kids and adults)
  • energizing yoga(hatha yoga)

Wil said that he loves seeing Turkey Vultures because you taught him so much about them and then he sighed and said “I really miss Miss Michelle.” I know you had an incredible impact on Wil.

Heather Bell Freill

Emma was so inspired by your storytelling, she just sat quietly for half an hour drawing and writing. In the end she emerged with a five page book. She said “It’s for Michelle.” It’s called “Frog in the pool”.

Margaret Plonka
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