Adult/Family Yoga

Spending time with your family creates memories to last a lifetime. Taking time from your busy schedules to learn how to breathe together, slow down together and live your best life together is important in today’s world.

It is also just as important, if not more so, to take time for yourself. Breathe. Rest. Relax. Too often we think there isn’t time for self-care and the problem is, if you are not able to care for yourself there won’t be time left, for anything.

Individual Adult yoga

Yoga is a way of life. Dating back thousands of years, only to recently make an appearance in the Western world less than one hundred years ago, yoga is becoming more and more mainstream. However, yoga is more than poses.

There are 8 limbs of yoga, each with its own unique philosophy. From breathing techniques to mudras, chanting to chakras, yoga is for each and every one of us. As my yoga teacher explained: If you can breathe, you can do yoga.


Restorative and Custom

Custom programs: these programs are specifically designed with the needs of the student in mind. If you are new to yoga, I will help guide you on your journey. We will discuss what inspired you to learn yoga, your goals, etc. Included with this program are breathing techniques, meditations and mudras as well as suggested crystals. (A half hour consultation is complimentary with series of 10+ classes).

As one who lives with depression and anxiety on a daily basis, moods and emotional work are a constant part of my life. Slipping into sadness, searching for answers, learning how to best deal in each life challenge is different for all of us. The energy we give and release, positive or negative, is not. Focusing on the mind and emotions, clearing the chakras, may help this energy shift from negative to positive.

I found being in nature brings peace and calm. Smelling the grass, the warmth of the sun, the mist from a rain, cleans and heals. Mother Nature and her family are love. Bringing nature into all yoga classes, through poses, visualization, sounds, connects us to our true self.

Mother Nature is always there to guide us. It is our job to listen.

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Family Yoga

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