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Beauty Bunny’s Yoga Adventures!

Beauty is getting caught up on her sleep! She’s so excited for you!

Join Beauty and her friends on amazing wildlife yoga adventures! Meet the mysterious Drazen Dragon, brave Sally Snake, grumpy Rio Raccoon and more as you twist and turn your way through quests, solve the mystery behind who is the shadow hiding in the cave, and why is Sally’s home in danger? And this is just the beginning!

Our Classes

Literacy assisting in fine motor skills, imagination, problem solving, confidence and self-expression. Learning letters, tri-pod grip, word spacing, to be prepared for kindergarden.

Kid’s yoga helping to develop co-ordination, gross motor skills, muscle control, concentration, group collaboration, mindfulness and techniques to deal with emotions

Wildlife education learning about Mother Nature and her family from first hand experience from sanctuaries and rescues around the world focusing on empathy, compassion, care and wonderment for others.

*Stay tuned for more details! Space will be limited to no less than 5 children, no more than 12.)

(ages 3-4, in preparation for school)

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