Preschool Collection plus

Where the animal adventures and yoga meet!

Preschool collection plus

This kit is perfect for schools and day cares to have as a resource for literacy, mental health and self-expression for years to come! Libraries can add it to their activity section to utilize at any time! And parents will find it a great resource to engage their child(ren) in movement as they follow the yoga adventure!

This animal adventure set includes downloadable word searches and colouring pages to be used over and over and over again. These yoga lesson plans were custom designed to match each book with the adventure, incorporating active movements and a relaxing savasana.

*Please note price changes for single family households. Contact for details here: Contact

Preschool collection (incl. CD)$50.00
Four yoga story lesson plans$400
Four word searches (incl. with lesson plans)incl.
Ten colouring pages (incl. with lesson plans)incl.
Complete kit$350
Choose the books or purchase the complete kit!

*plus shipping and handling

Preschool collection plus additions

Looking for more animal word searches? Different colouring pages? Feel free to order additional downloadable pages or yoga lessons at any time!

Four additional yoga lessons $350
Five nature word searches $100
Five animal word searches $100
Five nature colouring pages$100
Five animal colouring pages$100
Mix and match!

plus shipping and handling

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