the heart chakra

The Heart chakra is the fourth chakra and is associated primarily with the colour green. It is also connected to the colour pink and bridges the material world and the non-material world. Here we obtain peace, love and harmony.

Smells, sounds, nature and wildlife, foods and the elements all connect to each chakra. Foods that benefit the heart chakra are: all vegetables, specifically those in the green colour family.

Body Area

Some areas of the body associated with the heart chakra are: heart, lungs, blood, breast, arms and hands.


When the heart chakra is balanced we feel synchronicity, love and harmonious with nature and relationships. We accept what is and isn’t within our power.


When the heart chakra is unbalanced we feel alienated, lonely and can question love’s existence. We may have asthma, high blood pressure and hypertension.

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I remember when I did the recorded heart chakra class. I could do it, a couple challenging poses but not too much trouble. It was after that affected me. My body released such sadness, I was freaked out for a bit! If you want to let go of negative stuff, do yoga!!! I can’t recommend it enough!

Brigitte Squance

I liked the body points meditation, don’t think that’s what it’s called, but having to focus my busy mind on focusing on particular body parts was different! Didn’t worry about anything else!

— Mike Murphy

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