Adult Yoga

Regular classes (hatha energizing, restorative, whole body) start May 18th! Chakra/Mother Nature inspired classes begin June 15th!

Chakra and Mother Nature inspired yoga






Radium/third eye


We are not just physical bodies…around us is a pulsating energy electromagnetic field that is described (…)as a rainbow-like aura. This “subtle energy” field interacts with our physical body by flowing through concentrated spirals of energy. In yoga practice these spiraling energy centres are known as chakras. excerpt from “The Chakra bible” by Patricia Mercier.

Each nature image features a chakra associated with the corresponding element. It is by connecting to your inner being and learning to let go of negativity that you can help heal your body, mind and soul.

Learn about each chakra, listen to your intuition, and register for one, two or more classes. Each chakra inspired yoga class contains 4 customized programs focusing on the issues, lessons, and areas of the body to move out blocked energy and assist in balancing and activating the spirals of energy.

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