Our Pledge

To provide tools for your child to assist in navigating their changing world, developing their self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.

Our Mission

To educate and inspire young minds through knowledge, awareness and compassion for all life, human and non-human.

About Michelle

Writing has always been Michelle’s first passion, and writing about animals started at a very young age. Michelle wrote her first animal adventure when she was 7, not realizing this would lead her to writing and illustrating her first middle grade novel as an adult. She honed her writing skills through several writing courses and through Brian Henry’s creative writing course over the years.

Sally the Snake -The Quest to the Beginning was released in 2016 and is the first in a series of animal adventures. She now has a collection of preschool books, released in 2017: Mr. Toad and the Volcano, Bunny and the Rocket ship, The Chocolate Monster and the Curse, The Chocolate Monster and the Witch.

Michelle volunteered at Mountsberg Conservation in 2008-2009, working with birds of prey and learning about their importance to humans and Mother Nature. She educated her preschool classes about these raptors, passing on her passion and teaching about other endangered species. Since then, she has taught hundreds of children the importance of wildlife and what can be done to help save our species and our planet.

Michelle has been educating children for over a decade. She taught meditation and yoga after completing an introductory yoga course in 2013. This led her to becoming a Young Yoga Masters certified children’s yoga teacher through their 95 hour program in 2016.

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