MNH Family

Hello and Welcome to Mother Nature’s Heroes Family! It is the intention of this blog to provide information and entertainment in the form of articles and my other passion, writing suspense fiction.

Please bear with me as I attempt to be consistent with this blog.

While I will post, this will not be a daily blog.

I will be interviewing wildlife advocates, obtaining information on why they do what they do, how we can help either through monetary donations or through another avenue.

I will also be stating my own personal opinions based on decades of experience working with children. And after all, this is one of the reasons I created Mother Nature’s Heroes in the first place!

Mother Nature’s Heroes began here, at this location in the picture, in Burlington, Ontario while I was teaching at a day care. The children were playing superheroes. And while I am a fan of the genre (Jean Grey and Wolverine being my favourite!), I wasn’t comfortable supporting play related to weapons.

So, I thought, why not be Mother Nature’s Heroes? Rescue and protect her creatures from the mean people who capture them? Save endangered species? Become the animal you wish to rescue or be an animal who rescues? And the idea took off! The children were Orangutan’s, Sharks, Lions, Gorilla’s, Whales…. The result was amazing. The children understood rescuing animals and returning them to the habitats when and if possible, and bringing them to sanctuaries when release wasn’t possible.

Mission accomplished!

All in all, what is a blog really? For one to share their knowledge, passion and thoughts as far as I’m concerned. After all,

We are all deserving of life, together.

Michelle Boomer

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